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this product is designed not only to protect cable from breaking or damaged, but also for decoration. Fit for all kinds of thin cables like iphone cable.

NOTE :Works With iPhone Lightning Cables AND Android Type-c & Micro USB Cables Cable not included.


Ease of Use
These DIY cord protectors are lightweight, durable and will easily fit a variety of cord types. They can protect your iPhone/iPad/Samsung/LG/HTC/Sony charging cables as well as earphone cords from dirt, frays, tangles and knots. 
Meanwhile, Tospania brand cord covers help deter household pets from approaching the protected cords, and the heavy gauge helps protect against harmful chewing damage


- 5V USB lamp 5730 lights highlight USB light bar

- USB lamp, Portable, Good for camping, desktop lighting

- This lamp won't take up much space

- Use the new USB interface, convenient for mobile power supply, cell phone chargers, computers, notebook computers, LCD monitors


Works as a clock or a timer and could keep the memory for previous counting time
24 hours counting up and down, fast adjustment of setting time
Intimate design: magnets, hook and movable bracket back
Loud alarm could last 60 seconds before you close it
Time unit: hour/ minute/ second 
Time Scope: 0 s - 24 h

  • Ingredients the new rare earth aluminate salts luminous materials, non-toxic harmless, no radioactive,
  • Suction light emitting time 10-20 minutes can glow in the dark for 10 hours (in very dark room only)
  • Characteristics color luminous To use range can be in the paper ceramics
  • Can be repeated suction light shine for at least 10 years.
  • Gypsum wall wood plastic clothes such as lamps and lanterns of glass vessels or objects surface painting graffiti, decoration.
  • It is liquid,not powder

USB smart machine interface access, can be used for household electric direct charge, can also charge treasure direct charge, convenient and fast, one charge for 2 hours, sustainable flight about 50 times.

Rear-mounted screw propulsion device ensures power and better protects aircraft from damage

Upgraded version of the two-wing card slot, fixed wing ensures flight stability.